Technopod was my graduation project at the National Institute of Design, India. It was developed over a 4 month period with Esthete, Bangalore as the sponsor and manufacturer. 

Technopod, as the name suggests, is a sofa to be used as an accessory to technology and everyday modern habits. The sofa caters to lifestyle choices and behaviours that users experience since the large scale inclusion of technology in their lives, such as TV dinners and multitasking with laptop, cellphone, etc. It has numerous features that assist in the easy and ergonomical use of these devices with everything being within arm’s reach. The angular and asymmetrical visual language reflect the modernity and futurism of this new age lifestyle, while retaining the comfort of a sofa.

Materials : Rubberwood board, PU Foam, Fabric.

Apart from this, the sofa caters to the storage needs of modern compact homes. With it’s ample storage space and surfaces, it fulfills the combined purpose of other living room furniture like dining table, coffee table, cupboards, lounge chairs, armchairs and sofas.
It is aimed at the youth, young bachelors and IT professionals who spend most of their post-work time in the living room, or who might be living in smaller spaces, hence requiring multi-functionality of furniture.  The sofa intends to fulfill their practical and entertainment needs.

Design Copyright by Furlenco, Bangalore 

One thought on “Technopod

  1. a wonderfully designed piece of furniture!
    I imagine it together with white furniture
    or another possibility the front sides of the wood painted and divided in geometric patterns or abstract color combinations for persons who would like a more elegant piece of furniture.

    Really sophisticated design
    Waiting to see much more of you dear Vanessa!


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