Game Table

The Game Table was my last project with Furlenco in Bangalore, India. The idea was to design a fun, multifunctional table for young people and add to the desirability of a normal table. The height of the table gave it a sophisticated feel, and made sitting at it an exciting experience.

The table has a flippable top, that gets locked with the help of brass pins on either side. This ensures that the table can be used for eating and working as well as playing board and card games. When one has guests over, the top can be flipped over to reveal the deep green felt side. One of the bigger challenges of this design was figuring out a mechanism that was sturdy enough yet made flipping the top easy. The table legs had to be sleek to give the tall table a light, elegant feel. The dark wood adds to the feeling of luxury and sophistication. The chairs that were designed to go with the table are comfortable for longer durations with a backrest and an upholstered seat in a lush maroon colour. The cross ties of the table frame stabilise the table while acting as a footrest for users. The flipping action of the table top prevents the table from having cross-ties, and hence a metal X brace was added to stabilise the frame.

Materials : Rubberwood, Veneered Plywood, Indian Rosewood, Fabric, Felt, Foam.

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