Wardrobe Doors

I was commissioned by a client in Amsterdam West to make Wardrobe Doors for already existing wardrobes that they had previously purchased from a home furnishing shop.

The client wanted a light coloured wood to brighten up the relatively dark bedroom which did not receive much sunlight. Maple with an oiled satin finish was chosen since it would also reflect any sunlight coming in through the balcony doors opposite. The wardrobe doors were split in half while taking care to maintain the continuous flow of the grain in each vertical panel. The veneer for all five wardrobes was sourced from the same tree to give the entire wall of doors a holistic look. The beautiful grain adds movement and life to the otherwise simple design of the doors.

Hinges were fitted to the doors while mounting plates were added to the interior of the wardrobes. I made sure all internal drawers and shelves could still be accessed and positioned the hinges accordingly. Round handles were chosen by the client. Lastly, skirting and paneling was fitted and added all around the wardrobe, giving it a clean, finished look.

Materials: Maple Veneered Plywood

The continuous grain runs across the doors

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