CD Shelf

The client wished to have an elegant storage solution for his extensive CD collection and CD player. In keeping with the style and wooden finishes of other furniture in his living room, American cherry veneer on plywood was chosen. The edges of the plywood are clad with solid cherry edge banding, mitred around the corners. Classic black metal legs complement the mid-century feel of the cabinet while slightly raising it off the floor.

The top of the shelf is deep enough to seat the client’s CD player. The entire shelf is assembled using Clamex fasteners and can be dismantled for ease of transport during moving. It is finished with two coats of natural Oil-wax finish.

Materials: Veneered Plywood, American cherry wood

“In designing and assembling my new CD shelf, Vanessa combined meticulous craft with a keen aesthetic sense. The result is a most welcome addition to my living room, and a pleasure to look at while listening to my favourite music. “
Moritz F., Amsterdam

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