Chess Set

This set of 32 chess pieces and box style chess board was created in two phases. The board itself was made during my carpentry apprenticeship, and the chess pieces were made later to enable the usage of this beautiful board.
The playing surface is made using the Marquetry technique with Padouk, Walnut and Maple veneer and is glued onto a Walnut frame. Hinges and a clasp were fitted onto the two halves of the box so that it can be closed securely. The inside of the box shows a burl veneer.
The pieces are completely hand made and were designed after an initial research on symbolism and design language of traditional wooden chess pieces. I simplified the pieces and to give them a modern, minimalist look, while making sure that their function remains recognisable. I used Oak wood for the black and Beech wood for the white pieces.

Materials: Padouk, Maple & Walnut Veneer, Beech, Oak, Walnut

The Chess set is portable and convenient to use at home or outside at a cafe or a picnic. The pieces can easily be stored inside, and the clasp keeps the box securely shut. It is light, compact and a great addition to have at home.

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