Tea cabinet

The Tea Cabinet was designed and built during my apprenticeship as a practice piece before the final exam. The brief consisted of a size constraint of 40 x 50 x 60 cm; the furniture piece also had to have atleast one drawer with hand-cut dovetails as well as a door-like moving element.

As an avid tea drinker, I liked the idea of having a small cabinet for enjoying a cup of tea after work. After some exploration of how something like that could look, I decided to make a tea cabinet with an open shelf to keep cups and a tea pot, along with a offset drawer element to store tea bags, loose-leaf teas and accessories like spoons. The two elements nest together and are connected by clamex connectors.
For the material selection, I chose a green HPL reminiscent of fresh tea leaves and a complementary wood with warm tones like European cherry.
At the small exhibition at the end of the build, the aesthetics and functionality of my piece were highly praised by teachers and other professionals from the local furniture industry.

Materials: 16mm Plywood, Green HPL, Cherrywood veneer, Cherry wood.

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