Room Divider

This interior element is made of three panels that hinge together and can be easily moved around to fit the space of the user. Each panel is at a different height to add a dynamic nature to the divider. The central panel also has a square pin board adding to the functionality of the divider. The slatted lower half adds a warm wooden element and an interesting play of light. The two panels on the sides are filled with delicate Japanese rice paper, which is a perfectly opaque surface to give the user privacy and yet lets light through, letting the space be airy and open. It also allows the room divider to be light for easy moving around the house.

The room divider can be a great addition to any home, especially during the “Work from Home” phase. It gives the user a neutral background during video calls, and avoids unwanted disturbance in the background. The pin board also comes in handy for to-do lists or simply pictures of loved ones.
The room divider also works well for open layout living spaces where one might want to divide the space between two inhabitants doing different activities. The light materials and construction make it easy to fold and put aside everyday. It can be stored vertically in a corner and does not get in the way.

Available on commission. Please contact me if interested.

Materials: Pine wood, Fabric, Softboard, Japanese Rice paper

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