Home Office Cabinet

The Home Office cabinet was designed and built as a solution for myself at home. I wanted to organise my homenoffice materials like files, catalogues, books, loose sheets and stationary better, and wanted to build a cabinet that could be accessed while I working at my computer at home.

In order to keep floor space free, I decided to make it a hanging cabinet on a wall next to my desk. I chose to use Plywood with white HPL as the material so it would blend into the wall. As an accent, I used Oak wood for the edgebanding, panel door and drawer. The panel for the door doubles-up as a softboard where I can pin notes or sketches of projects. The drawer features handcut dovetails and an integrated wooden handle. The same handle is reflected on the door as well.

Dimensions – 71cm x 60cm x 36cm
Materials – Birch Plywood with White HPL, Oak wood

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