Ashwood Cabinets

“I purchased a pair of Vanessa’s handmade Ashwood cabinets as both functional furniture and art pieces for my living room. I’ve had the pieces for a few months now and they are more than living up to my expectations on both fronts! Everytime I use – or even just gaze at – the cabinets, they bring a smile to my face. 

To top it off, Vanessa was super helpful in setting up the cabinets, personally delivering and installing them. I can highly recommend Vanessa’s work!”

Edward M | Amsterdam

This pair of cabinets made from Ash veneered plywood was a personal exploration of a design developed earlier in 2021. They are a pair, with some common features, while having different intended uses.
The project features 2 cabinets with doors, shelves on the inside and a dovetailed solid-wood drawer. The cabinets themselves sit on a base structure of solid Ashwood, featuring a slatted shelf at the bottom. The plywood is edgebanded with solid Ashwood of 5mm thickness. I have played with the beautiful grain on the doors as well as the waterfall mitred edges. The stained interiors along with the black hardware add interest and contrast to the whitish-yellow Ash. The black butt hinges are set in routered pockets in cabinet side and door, and the handles are made of black leather.
The ‘portrait’ cabinet is intended to be used as a bar cabinet with place for bottles, wine glasses and shorter glasses for whiskey and rum. The drawer can be used to store smaller accessories like bottle openers, shot glasses or spouts.
The ‘landscape’ cabinet can be used to store books or smaller keepsakes. It is deep enough to carry coffee table books and files as well. The dovetailed drawer can carry cutlery, stationery or smaller paper items.

The first version of these cabinets has been sold. However, I welcome recommissions of these designs. They can be tweaked to meet your individual needs and tastes.

To see the process of designing and building these cabinets, click here.

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